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The Canadian Netflix Nook (July 7th – Friday Update) – Vol.2

Canadian Netflix Nook Vol. 2

I’m back! People have seemed to appreciate this little thing I’ve been doing, so I’ll keep at it for now.

**Canadian Netflix Only Still Applies*

As Of July 7th

Katt Williams Presents: Katthouse (Comedies – 2009)

The Ultimatum (TV Series {1 Season} – 2009)

Unriddle (TV Series {2 Seasons} – 2012)

Dr. Seuss’ The Cat In The Hat (Children & Family Movies/Live Action¬†– 2003)

Miss Julie (Dramas – 2014)

Mystic Whispers (TV Series {1 Season} – 2014)

Diamond Cartel (Action & Adventure – 2017)

Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story (Documentary Р2017)  РA DOCUMENTARY ON ALIENS!? EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONTACT?! SIGN ME UP!

Olympus (TV Series {1 Season} – 2015)

The Stand Ups (TV Series {1 Season} Netflix Original – 2017)

Eloise (Horror Movies – 2017)

Last Vegas (Comedies – 2013) – Great Cast, will definitely give this one a watch when I am in the mood.

Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse (TV Series {1 Season} 2012)

It’s Complicated (Comedies – 2009)

Vegas Baby (Documentaries – 2016)

Ghost (Dramas – 1990) – I recently watched this for the first time this year, and I thought it was very enjoyable. You can’t go wrong with the Swayze.

American Pie (Comedies – 1999) – This series will always be one of my favourite comedy franchises of all time, minus the spin-off films, just American Pie, Pie 2, Wedding and Reunion. They’re fun.

Cowboy (Dramas – 2011)

Ho Mann Jahan (Dramas – 2015)

Julieta (Dramas – 2016) – I recently just watched this with my Dad last week as its directed by one of his favourite directors – Pedro Almodavar, I think this is the most accessible of his films, however its Spanish with English subtitles. But a really beautifully shot film, and the colour palette that Almodavar uses in his films are second to none. If you like foreign films, definitely give this one a shot.

Motu Patlu: King Of Kings (Children & Family Movies – 2016)

Sea Nomads (Documentaries – 2012)

Speech & Debate (Comedies – 2017)

Waar (Action & Adventure 2013) – This sounds super interesting, seems heavy though, will save it for a specific mood.

Dawn of the Croods (TV Series {4 Seasons) – 2015)

King’s War (TV Series {1 Season} – 2012

Quin Empire: Alliance (TV Series {1 Season} – 2012)

The Legend Of Bruce Lee (TV Series {1 Season} – 2008)

1 Mile To You (Dramas – 2017) – This could make for a good inspirational movie monday film eventfully, will add it to my list.

Castlevania (TV Series {1 Season} Netflix Original – 2017) – I’ve never really played a lot of the game series, but I think this could be really cool.

Diamond Lover (TV Series {1 Season} – 2015)

Luna Petunia (TV Series {2 Seasons} – 2016)

Solace (Thrillers – 2015) – Synopsis sounds super interesting and a great cast, will add to my watchlist

Take Me (Comedies – 2017)


Thats it for this week, stay tune for Vol. 3 next Friday, July 14th

Thanks for reading, and Happy Watching!



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