#1 -Movie Recommendations From Down The Hall.

Movie Recommendations From Down The Hall #1

While attending university, I met a guy named Greg, who lived down the hall from me who enjoyed film as much as I did. So pretty much every night, we would sit down and watch a film or two, stuff we would recommend each other, or stuff we were both interested in. We even took a couple weeks to try to compile the best science fiction films, and we both share a love interest in Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element (1997). We’ve still had a strong friendship over the years and he’s been reading the blog and had a suggestion that I do a post once of week of movie recommendations, because he enjoyed receiving them so much, that he believed that people who enjoy them as well. So this will be the first of hopefully many posts, of movie recommendations. If you have any for me, please leave them in the comments or if you have me on Facebook, fire me off a message! People think I’ve seen everything, but I assure you as much as I have seen… There’s still a lot to uncover.

My format for these posts won’t be giving you a synopsis of the film, I feel like IMDb can do that for me and it will make these posts short and to the point. I’ll break the films into little lists of genre and I’ll say “if you liked ‘insert movie title here’ you’ll like the one I’m recommending.” I’ll keep it very generalized and not too long.



District 13/District 13: Ultimatum (For fans of parkour and the reboot Brick Mansions)

Hardcore Henry (For the gamers, fans of first person shooters and parkour. warning: all based on GoPro’s so the camera is super shaky… May cause some motion sickness)

John Wick (For fans of Keanu Reeves, who want a mindless, yet extremely fun action movie). Babayaga

Mad Max Fury Road – The best action movie of the last maybe 15 years


Perks of Being A Wallflower (For those who want a solid indie movie, with fantastic acting and a life changing story)

The Way, Way Back (For those who want something a little different, another indie with great acting and a feel good movie near the end. If you’re trying to find yourself and who you are, this is a great film). Available for Netflix stream

The Lobster (For those looking for original concepts that complain that Hollywood have no ideas anymore and have to reboot/remake everything)

Anthropoid (for those who like political thrillers and true event stories. World war 2 buffs)

Inside Llewyn Davis – Underrated Coen brothers movie. The music is superb. Available on Netflix

Rudderless (for those looking for a damn powerful movie and extremely moving film. Everyone needs to see this movie, it’s unbelievably good.) available on Netflix

Take Shelter (for those looking for a psychological thriller that requires multiple viewings to really get it)

Heat – not to be confused with the Sandra bullock and Melissa McCarthy movie “The Heat”. Heat is Michael Mann’s 1995 magnum opus. (For fans of heist films, this is the best one and one of the finest character pieces in filmmaking in my opinion.



This Is The End (For fans of Rogan and Friends who just want to sit back and watch a raunchy, hilarious film where all the actors play “themselves”) available on Netflix

Swiss Army Man (For those fans of Daniel Radcliffe who think that Harry Potter is his best role, for the original seeking film goers)


Science Fiction

Sunshine – for those who want something different out of a science fiction movie, solid acting, highly original and nice to look at

Moon – for those looking for an original picture, who enjoy Sam Rockwell. This film doesn’t get enough credit.

Ex Machina – for those looking for a real thinker, well acted. Oscar Issac is brilliant. available on Netflix


Sausage Party – for those who want more adult situations and themes in their animated movies

Coraline – for the darker side of animation, with an interesting story and great fantasy elements. Available on Netflix

9 – a film no one talks about that is a fantastic dark tale about survival.


The Witch (for those who are looking for something new in horror movies. It’s not a jump scare over the top horror movie, it’s a slow burn period piece, high tension film) available on Netflix

paranormal activity 3 – (the best paranormal activity movie for sure, really unsettling.)

Lake Mungo – a mockumentary that is extremely unique and well done.

Prince Of Darkness – John carpenter, need I say more? Superbly underrated and well done horror flick.

Green Room (for those looking for fantastic acting but can stomach extreme gore. Patrick Stewart and Anton Yelchin were amazing)


I think that’s a good start for now, if you watch any of this films or are looking for a specific genre of film, comment here or hit me up on Facebook if I have you on there, I’d be honoured to break down a couple films for ya! Get you on to something you want exactly!

cheers and thanks for the reccomendation Greg!





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