Follow Up To Blair Witch Review – Thoughts on DBOX/mini rant.

The Woods In A Motion DBOX Seat

So if you’ve read my review of Blair Witch posted on thursday, you’d know that I really liked Adam Wingard’s Blair Witch. So much so that I gave it a 4.5/5 in my review! So I decided to take another trip into the woods, to experience this film in DBOX.

DBOX for those who don’t know is motion seats, most motions in the film is gonna make you move around, kind of like a roller coaster for movies. Each element makes your chair move in weird and crazy directions. After visiting Jason Bourne (2016) in DBOX, my dream was to see a horror movie in DBOX. Blair Witch was definitely a great film to fill that popping my horror DBOX cherry.

The movements started very subtle, but as the movie ramped up in tension and events happening, the chairs intensity would also ramp up with it. I don’t want to ruin any of those good parts. But I will say, that how they did DBOX for their drone camera was amazing. You would vibrate, and then when you took off your chair would lift up a little bit, so you’d be feeling like your flying, and then the camera will pan left and your chair will slowly pan left, and then slowly it’ll pan right and your chair will move that way too.

ANYWAYS it was great to visit Blair Witch in DBOX. I definitely recommend it if you’re thinking about it or you haven’t been to a movie in DBOX, go! The downside of DBOX however, is the price of admission. On any other day than Tuesday, the price is 18.50 or 1500 Scene points. On Tuesday, which is a great time to go, is 13.99 or 13.50 ish, so you save 5$.

DBOX Blair Witch gets a 5/5 for fun for me.



**Mini Rant**

I don’t want to air dirty laundry here, but this has to do with movies. IF YOU GO to the theatre, you’re expected to be quiet, not talk to your friends, not dictate the movie, not say anything and be quiet and just enjoy. Movie theatres are for watching movies, not talking to your friends. If you’re gonna spend money on a movie ticket, and talk for an hour and half, YOU’RE IN THE WRONG PLACE. Go back to the plan drawing board, and decide to go somewhere else, where being loud and obnoxious, is okay. Don’t go to a movie, and ruin the film for everyone else, by constantly talking or whispering. You make people around you want to go over and yell at you. Also be respectful, don’t be an asshole and put your dirty feet on the chairs, don’t kick the seat in front of you, don’t be a jerk really. Respect the audience who paid their hard earned money to see this movie, and also respect the film makers vision and atmosphere. You going to a film to talk doesn’t make you cool, you follow the same rules as everyone else. Andrew says “Don’t be a stupid asshole and go to a movie to talk, go to a coffee shop! you can talk there and I won’t want to yell at you and call you out for being an asshole!”

so if you have issues with people talking, always say something. Don’t let it slip, and go to talk to the manager and the employees to get them to make them stop if they don’t. You paid money, you deserve to watch the movie and be a part of it. Not have it ruined by stupid, entitled teenagers or kids.

sorry to rant, but this needed to be said.

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