#2 – Movie Recommendations From Down The Hall


The Fundamentals Of Caring – it’s on Netflix, no excuse. For fans of Paul Rudd and who want a really great indie dramedy

Demolition – You can’t really go too wrong with Jake Gyllenhaal. Another great independent drama film that didn’t get much attention.

Zodiac – not many people talk about this film, but if you’re into true crime stories this is for you.



Last Shift – a really great underrated piece of horror cinema. Creepy as hell

sleepaway camp trilogy – or at least watch the original, campy slasher flick with an unexpected ending

The VVitch(the witch) – this is a love it or hate it movie, I thought it was extremely well made, and definitely not what you expect. Approach with an open mind



demolition man – more people need to see this movie, it’s so good.



bad words – I was recommended this by my cousin and I thought it was hilarious.


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