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Jason Bourne (DBOX) Review

You know his name, you know his story. Jason Bourne is drawn out of hiding to uncover more facts about his past

This review will be a bit of a two’fer. That is Canadian for two for one, buy one get one, two’s company… Okay. Slang lesson aside, I will review both my thoughts on Jason Bourne and of my thoughts of DBOX (motion seats).

I have been a really big fan of The Bourne movies ever since I saw the original. I was always a huge fan of the character of Jason Bourne and the portrayal of that character by Matt Damon. I even watched The Bourne Legacy, that replaced Matt Damon with Jeremy Renner, which you know, it was alright, but it definitely did not feel like a Bourne movie. I got the thought in my mind that, “Oh, Jason Bourne is done, I guess they can continue on this route, but it definitely isn’t the same as the Matt Damon Bourne series.

Flash forward to almost 9 years after The Bourne Ultimatum, to 2016 where audiences were treated to the next instalment of The Bourne series! Matt Damon is back, Julia Stiles is back and of course, the one and only, highly underrated director Paul Greengrass is back to bring us Jason Bourne.

Picking up way down the time line after The Bourne Ultimatum, We see that Bourne is living out his life outside the cold grasp of the CIA, he does his thing, no worries in the world. Until something happens that pulls him out of hiding to attempt to uncover more truth about his past.

Now, it is definitely interesting to note that, of course Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne is the main character, but he doesn’t have much dialogue in the film. He is there to kick ass and chew bubblegum… and yeah you know the rest. He is a complete badass in this movie, he’s back to the route of Bourne, most of his dialogue is asking questions, and confirming answers. (Note: he definitely talks more than Tom Hardy’s Mad Max, but they’re vastly different films…and Mad Max Fury Road was on its own level).

Its definitely a straight up action movie, on foot chase scenes, car chase scenes, motorcycle chase scenes, gun/fist fights. Everything you want out of a Bourne movie is presented here, Jason Bourne delivers strongly as an action movie. I also really liked the story, it wasn’t as crazy and complicated/intricate as the previous films. But I felt like, it was there and structured the film well for the action scenes that Greengrass wanted to portray.

Paul Greengrass has such an amazing way of directing action films, He did just an amazing job of doing interesting things with camera movement and editing, that created tension. so not only is it a glorious action film, but its an excellent spy thriller. He has done very similar things with the previous Bourne movies and the acclaimed Captain Phillips.

At the end of the day, i loved this film, and i really hope that theres more Bourne films in the pipeline, because it was just a lot of fun. Great action, Great Thriller. I highly recommend seeing it – 4/5.


Briefly I will discuss DBOX. DBOX is the literal amusement park ride that is utilized by films now. Your seats move, the chairs are designed to move with certain elements of the films. Being a Cinephile, and hearing about this, immediately I wanted to see a film in DBOX, I wanted to experience this craziness for myself. Finally, one of the theatres in the city got the technology and I was waiting for a film to go see, boy am I glad that it was Bourne. The seats moved in the car chases, they throwed you forward when a car would crash in a car chase or if a car went off a jump it would shake you around. Its just something that needs to be experienced. Do yourself a favour, and take my word for it, and go see a movie that utilizes this technology, you will not only enjoy a film but that enjoyment will be definitely amplified with DBOX. I want to go see every movie I can in DBOX, or those movies that look really dumb, but you know you’ll have a lot more fun with a motion seat.

so overall, for fun, enjoyment, and engrossing. Even overall coolness, i give DBOX technology based on my experience with Jason Bourne, a 5/5. I Honestly can’t wait to go see more films in DBOX.

The cost may throw you off it, but if you go on Tuesdays (Cheap night), films are actually regular price – 13.50$ or if you’re a scene point collector, a ticket is 1500 points.

But… i will warn you… once you start you won’t want to stop!
Until next time! My Suicide Squad and Nerve review will be up soon, I will definitely also be reviewing Me Before You, as I was able to watch it again!


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